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Graphic Web Design, XHTML / CSS Publishing, and Search Engine Optimization / Marketing

Welcome to ptgraphix

...the online portfolio of Preston Tunnicliff. Here you will find some of my work in Web Design, Graphic Design, Flash Design & Development, XHTML / CSS Publishing, and SEO / SEM.

Whether you're a large business, a 'Mom & Pop' shop or a small-business owner, ptgraphix has the skills, knowledge, and experience to help assist you and your business in anything relating to web design, online promotion, Search Engine Optimization / Marketing. View Portfolio

Beneficial Web Practices

  • Clean, fast-loading, user-friendly designs
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Cross browser testing/development
  • W3C Compliant XHTML / CSS
W3C compliant XHTML / CSS publishing is a must for all new sites. PTGRAPHIX converts Photoshop designs into clean-coded fast-loading web pages that are graphically appealing while still 100% compatible with older browsers. Request a Quote arrow
Flash is intuitive and compelling, great for telling a story, proving your credibility, and can ignite viewers into taking action very quickly! Flash enhances the end user experience, utilizing sound, motion and graphics creating effective online branding. Request a Quote arrow
A good concept and design with logic is key to keeping visitors engaged and interested on web sites. Not only that, sites need to be functional, user-friendly, memorable, and designed with the appropriate target audience in mind. Request a Quote arrow
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