If you want your website or company to be found in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search, you're going to need to have a plan from the start, as well as some Search Engine Optimization(SEO). This is never an immediate solution, and can take months to even a year or more, but if done well, can pay off huge in the long-run.

It's all about organic ranking, and not paid ranking. It's free to do, so it is much better to have a high organic ranking, than a PPC ad promoting your site that costs you everytime someone clicks to get to your site.

Google's ranking system, or Algorithm, is complex and is comparing data from 1.8+ billion websites across the world.

The world of SEO is always changing, so you've got to stay up to date!

Web Design

This is where everything begins, and began for me. A new website or website design can be crucial to attracting your audience and helping them decide if they'll want to stick around and learn more about you and your business.

You've only got a few seconds from the moment users arrive on your site, so make it count & make sure there are 'calls to action' clearly displayed.

Make everything very clear and easy to find. If nothing attracts them or isn't interesting they'll be exiting your site as soon as possible.

Like the rest of the world, everything changes, and doing strictly web design for 11 years for a living, led me to do just Marketing & SEO now. Which is in some way how I got here from doing only web design and a bit of Flash, because I needed to promote what I was doing for a little over a decade on the personal hobby sites I created.

Soon enough, I realized SEO & Digital Marketing was the next road for me to take, and I have been happy ever since I made the change. SEO is highly measurable, and in most cases an even better value for your money than both social media and Pay Per Click(PPC) ads.

If you're looking for a "quick win", you will lose fast! Patience is everything!

Contact me if you have any questions, or need help on something.