About Preston Tunnicliff / ptgraphix

I went to college in 2001 wanting to learn about design and leaned more towards the broader market in Multimedia to learn more in different areas, including design. I graduated college in 2003, and then began learning on my own, on what I wanted, and needed to know now that I could see what I should focus on, and that was Web Design at that time. I knew quickly there was a bunch that I needed and wanted to learn, that college never talked about.

It was about 2002-2003, after meeting and spending time at my Brooks College internship, cjgraphix, that I knew & realized I would need to create a name/brand/moniker to use for myself in the future, and it just made sense for me to follow their simple business naming methodology, since everything began with designing, and ‘X marks the spot’. We came from the same College but had slightly different goals in the end. Almost 2 decades after college, and the collapse of Brooks College about 4 years after graduating, many thanks still go out to Collin Robinson & Jenny Robinson for allowing/encouraging me to use my brand name, ptgraphix, in the end, since it was used based on my first & last name initials “pt” followed by “graphix”, and to not do the usual graphics spelling. So, ptgraphix originated while living in Long Beach in 2003 while still in college, 7 years before Boston Scientific began using it in 2010. Here is an older Brooks College Academic Catalog from 2005, before everything was completely shut down 2 years after graduating. It was after college when I actually begin learning, on what I can use, and what would be beneficial for the businesses I am employed at, as well as personally.

Being born in San Bernardino, or San Bernarghetto as I & many others prefer to call it, and living there 19 years, then going to Long Beach for college, then living in Huntington Beach, then went even more south to South Orange County, Laguna Niguel in 2006, and have been there since then, it’s interesting to see all the differences between the counties and those who live there. From San Bernardino County to Los Angeles County to Orange County, San Bernardino was and still is THE worst and most dangerous County, no wonder it was a bankrupt city.

In 2006 I made several personal websites, but ClubEG6 was the one I created with the sole purpose of ranking high in Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. for the keyword, “eg6”, and within 2 years after creating the website it was ranking on the first page on all search engines using the keyword, which is typically very tough to rank that high for on a 3 character search term with no types of marketing other than just having good & relevant content in numerous locations on the site and across many similar audience related websites, and just some basic but good SEO in place since day one of creation. Within the 11 years of creation and ownership, the website’s forum had 55k+ registered members from across the world who enjoy/like or own/owned one of the very popular 5th Generation Honda Civic Hatchbacks as I did. Found an old screenshot showing 23,714 members, many years before the 55k member count was reached in 2017 before moving on and changing my focus. After that amount of time, I needed to let go and move on, because as much as I enjoyed doing that, the income wasn’t worth the time I spent on it, but it was a great learning experience. See the ClubEG6.com HOTM Winners Gallery.

All other personal sites were made with the sole purpose of affiliate marketing on several types of products to test out what works the best, both traffic-wise & monetarily.


I needed to make a pivot in my career in 2013 so I switched my focus from doing only Web Design to doing strictly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other types of Digital Online Marketing, and don’t feel the need to go back to doing only Web Design anytime soon or possibly ever in the future, we’ll see.

SEO and other forms of online marketing have now been my main career-focus since 2013 after seeing the proven benefits of thinking long-term SEO for myself, and the companies I have worked for or am employed at currently. There are many tips and tricks, but it is always wise to follow Google’s Recommendations when they talk about SEO, since they do run the show. If you or your company ranks well in a Google search, there’s a good chance it will also rank well in all of the other search engines, such as Bing, Baidu, AOL, Ask, Excite, DuckDuckGo, Wolfram Alpha, Yandex, and Lycos. In the end, Google is the winner, and all that they want to do is to provide the searcher with the best result that answers their search with the most correct answer and to provide the answer as soon as possible, which is also why the ‘immediate answers’, ‘rich snippets’, or a ‘Google answer box’ may appear after searching showing the answer without needing to click to the site.

Even I use to use Meta keywords 10+ years ago thinking that would help a site in the ranking, and it did back then, but everything changes, and using the Meta keyword tags will not help you, ranking-wise at least, it may only encourage a click but not affect a ranking factor in a search. It all comes down to having great content that speaks to the targeted audience.

I am currently Advanced Google Analytics Certified – Current certificate expires December 10, 2022, and I’ll update when the expiration occurs, to keep me up to date.


The moment the US got involved in making fake money(Fiat currency), and when Richard Nixon ended the gold standard and increased federal spending in 1971, that was when everything changed! That was 11 years before I was born, but I certainly can now see the many beneficial reasons for me choosing to handle my finances in the most ideal way as possible and to not follow the herd mentality, but to make all the intelligent financial decisions I can nowadays in the 21st century, because everything is just getting harder, and not easier & more affordable.

I have one BIG rule in my life, and that is to never have any debt! If I did, or you do, have any debt in any way, make sure to pay off the balance completely every month! If you carry a debit balance each month or ever, you are not doing things correctly, monetarily! My secondary goal is to focus on the end goal that I want/need to achieve. So I stay focused, and never let anything get in the way!… to have at least 1 million dollars, before I retire, preferably 2-3 million. It’s possible, and it is possible for everyone to achieve, as long as you only buy and hold, like legendary investor Warren Buffett said, “Our favorite stock holding period is forever”. Both legendary investors, Warren Buffett and John Clifton “Jack” Bogle agree on the formula for long-term success to ‘Buy and Hold’.

And of course, I’ve got to have investments in multiple areas to grow my money and to ensure holding & growing the original investment(s). In the long-term history, Gold & Silver have held and increased in value quite well. Even starting small, pays off in the end, so get started.

Everybody tries to play “the money game”, just make sure to spend your valuable time & money in the most efficient way possible to achieve the largest benefits! Time is everything when trying to play “the money game”, and never forget, that nothing is free, ever, there are hidden costs everywhere.  “If You Can’t Touch It, You Don’t Own It”…and Bitcoin is Garbage, ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Kevin O’Leary calls bitcoin ‘garbage’ in a takedown of the whole cryptocurrency industry.

2020 is the real beginning of the DIGITAL-EVERYTHING era, or a cash-free / cashless society, and if you haven’t started transitioning into the new digital-everything era already, you will be left behind quickly. Technology and everything else in the world is moving forward very rapidly! The future will be nothing but digital, and Google will be an even bigger winner at that time.

There are 3 sides to a coin; the front, the back, and the side…

I will always choose the side!
If you have any questions, please reach out and contact me!

I am now, simply a Marketing Consultant / SEO Specialist.

…and whenever any YouTube.com video says something such as, “Like my video”, I will immediately give it a Thumbs Down, because that is always MY choice to do so, and NOT theirs. If I truly think it deserves a thumbs up, I’ll give it, if not I’ll do nothing. I do not & will not let anyone control my actions unless they have the legal right to control me. Only the law can do that!